The Amazon forest is the largest forest in the world. It produce 20 percent of fresh oxygen in our planet atmosphere. The burning of the forest recently caused by an increase in wildfire is a serious problem for the world. The forest is the natural habitat of almost half of the world wildlife. These fires are the major cause of deforestation in the region and environmental loss. The fires were so intense that the resulting smoke covered nearby localities in a way that left the sky dark during the daytime.

Furthermore, Amazon rainforest has the ability to absorb billion of tonnes of carbon dioxide and filter out the air helping it remain clean enough to breathe. Amazon is called the lungs of world. Different countries should use all their resources to combat the issue, it is not just the job of Brazilian government but all the stakeholders. The increasing destructions of the Amazon increase the effects the global warming.

It is responsibility of everyone to help Brazil in this regard to safe Amazon forest.