Lahore - This message is for every woman out there. You are the most stunning of God’s all creation; you just need to get yourself out of the dark. This is not your place and this is not where you belong to. You deserve all the respect and affection. Stand tall with your heads up and shoulders back upright. Don’t lose yourself to people hurting you every now and then. Make them regret hurting you or loosing you. Don’t let yourself get carried away by rejection, dependency and depression. Take the driver’s seat and start searching your abilities. Be healthier, fit and more beautiful for your own sake. There is a correlation between who you are and how you look. You don’t need to be dependent on anyone. Your only limitations are those which are set by others in your mind. Try to expand your horizons. You have the power to change yourself and the world; you just need to know your direction and destination. Start improving yourself day by day, do exercise regularly, maintain yourself and be more attractive than before. Let it be the last day of depression, last day of sadness, last day of dependency and last day of rejection. If someone or something saddens you or mocks you, just remember God uses some desolating instances or people to cause a breakthrough in life. No one on earth can hinder your journey. Remember, you have got the fire within you that will always keep you going no matter what life throws at you. All you need is to focus on yourself. Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Do things that make you light up more and make you proud of yourself. Once you get better, things will get better for you.