South Punjab More Likely to get benefit from Rural Accessibility Program: Minister Communication and works Sardar Asif Nakai A Meeting of Provincial Steering Committee was held under the Chairman Ship & Co-Chairman of Minister C&W Sardar Muhammad Asif Nakai and Finance Minister Hashim Jawan Bakht respectively, to review the progress of 'Naya Pakistan Manzalen Asaan' Program phase 2.

Secretary C&W briefed both ministers that, to provide better communication and transportation facilities to the under privileged rural areas, Phase 1 of RAP stands completed and the phase 2 will be launched soon.

Three schemes for phase 2 of RAP were included in ADP 2019-20 with allocation of Rs 13000 billion, however, same could not be launched due to stringent pecuniary issues and COVID-19. In order to propagate this flagship program, RAP schemes have been now included in ADP 2020-21.

The scheme of construction and rehabilitation of roads in south Punjab areas Bahawalpur, DG khan and Multan would be started on priority basis under RAP phase 2, said secretary C&W. While addressing the meeting, Minister C&W Asif Nakai stressed the immediate implementation of phase 2 of 'Naya Pakistan Manzalen Asaan' Program.

He said that the new schemes in south region will be a ray of hope for the deprived people of that area. He appericiated the efforts of department on developing a proper mechanism for the identification of roads on the basis of Human development Index, classification of districts and length of roads.

To give economy a boost, it is important to link all the districts to CPEC and other economic zones, he added. PTI government will make sure that the funds would be spent for the development of same district for which it would be released, further added.

Finance Minister purposed to make a comprehensive report on the issues management faced during the implementation of phase 1 and suggested to consider those during the next phase to avoid the problems. He also said to review the development percentage of construction and rehabilitation of roads, as the rehabilitation of Dilapidated roads is more important.