BEIJING - China on Wednesday holding responsible for escalating a situation at Line of Actual Control (LAC) warned India to take corrective measures to normalize the tense situation while disengaging on the ground from any misadventure.

"What is imperative for the Indian side is to address the mistakes and to carry out disengagement on the ground and take concrete actions" Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Wang Wenbin told reporters during his regular briefing.

While reiterating Chinese stand on current conflict with India at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Laddakh, he said, China's position on the issue is very clear and consistent.

"From the Chinese side, we have been honoring the agreements signed between China and India. We are committed to peace and stability in the border areas." he added.

The spokesperson however made it clear that the Chinese side was committed to its sovereignty and territorial integrity and said China was not to be blame for the current standoff. Wang blamed India for breaching agreements saying that the Indian troops first trespassed the Chinese territory and opened fire to threaten the safety of the Chinese borders and troops.

The spokesperson said that during the Moscow meeting, the Foreign Minister of China and India agreed to five-point agreement to normalize the border situation. "We hope India will work with China and honor the recent peace agreement as well as previously reached agreements." he added.

"China is ready to continue the consultation with Indian side through diplomatic and military channels and jointly we ensure peace and tranquility in the border areas." he said.