KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Education and Labor Saeed Ghani on Wednesday paid a surprise visit to various government and private schools and colleges in Korangi district on the second day of the reopening of educational institutions and obtained information regarding SOPs.

Speaking on the occasion of his visit, the provincial minister said that SOPs as well as parents and teachers in educational institutions can work together to prevent coronation and continue the educational process, said the statement released here on Wednesday. 

The minister visited the campus of Nasra Education Trust at Dar us Salaam Society in District Korangi at 8 am and inspected the SOPs and Health Desk there.


 He visited the system and asked questions from students regarding SOPs.

Apart from this, the minister visited the campus of Beacon House in the same society and reviewed the ongoing teaching process there and the steps being taken for the benefit of the students.

Saeed Ghani also paid a surprise visit to Government Degree Boys College at Korangi No 2.5.

During the visit, the college principal was absent and the college did not have full SOPs.

He immediately instructed the Secretary College over phone to ensure complete SOPs and cleanliness in the college and to ensure the attendance of all the teachers including the principal.

            Later, the minister also visited Government Degree Girls College and Government Comprehensive High School Korangi 2.5 number and reprimanded the school principal for poor sanitation arrangements in the school and immediately ordered cleaning  and spraying in the school.

Meanwhile, the minister also instructed the students and teachers studying in the school and urged them to implement full SOPs.

The minister also visited Ismail Academy under the auspices of Mustafa Welfare and appreciated the arrangements made by the school administration.

Later, the minister visited Saba Grammar High School in Korangi No. 4 the Citizen Foundation School and expressed satisfaction over the arrangements there.

The minister visited Government Degree College for Women, Korangi No. 4. He took notice of dozens of female students standing outside the college and instructed the principal that if any female students came from the college or any other work, they should be seated inside the college instead of standing outside the college.

The minister immediately instructed Deputy Commissioner Korangi on illegal constructions outside the college to remove all these encroachments immediately.