PESHAWAR - Peshawar BRT ser­vice was suspended on Wednesday after anoth­er BRT bus caught fire in Hayatabad, a mechan­ical engineer claimed that the cause of the fire in the buses may be con­tamination and rusting of their batteries. 

Aitezaz Hassan, the mechanical engineer who has also invented a car run by solar ener­gy as well as pedalling, told The Nation that BRT buses run on dried cell batteries and the main cause of the fire may be overload as well as the rusting of the batteries. 

“These buses were brought to Peshawar during 2016, but they started running now. The vehicles remained parked for a long time, their sys­tem got contaminated and developing rust may be the cause of spark when overloaded,” he claimed. 

He said that the car he had invented had cost Rs.120,000. “Howev­er, I did not get a good response, this is why I stopped making more such cars,” Aitezaz said.

A spokesman of Tran­sPeshawar, the company that manages the service, said on Wednesday that a team of the bus manu­facturer company, Gold­en Dragon, has arrived in Peshawar for checking the buses.

“The BRT service had been suspended tem­porarily for thorough checking of the buses. The decision was tak­en in the best interest of the public as the safety of passengers is a priority, which can’t be compro­mised,” said the TransPe­shawar spokesman in a statement. 

He said in order to per­manently rectify the is­sue, the bus manufactur­er company also advised suspending the opera­tions temporarily so the root cause of these inci­dents can be identified. 

“There are a total of 220 buses including those running on feed­er routes, but there are 130 buses operational so far since the begin­ning of the BRT service,” he added.