Islamabad - Instead of providing the benefit of lowering international oil prices to the consumers and reducing the POL prices, the government has increased Petroleum Levy by up to Rs 7.07 per litre on Petroleum Products for the remaining days of September.The government could have provide a relief of Rs up Rs 7 per litre to consumers but it has decided to keep the prices unchanged and instead increased the Petroleum levy, official documents reveals.On petrol the Petroleum Levy has been increased by Rs 6.29 per litre from Rs 21.70 per litre to Rs 27.99 per litre. Similarly Petroleum Levy on High Speed Diesel (HSD) was increased by Rs 7.07 per litre from Rs 21.88 per litre to Rs 29.95 per litre, Light Diesel oil by Rs 4 per litre from Rs 2.41 per litre to Rs 6.41 per litre and E-10 Gasoline by Rs 5.34 per litre from Rs 20 per litre to Rs 26.44 per litre. On September 1st, 2020 levy on Kerosene Oil was Rs 7.23 per litre which increased Rs 4.29 per litre to 11.52 per litreFor the month of September the prices of Motor Spirit (MS-Petrol-92 RON) will be Rs 103.97 per litre HSD Rs 106.46 per litre, SKO Rs 65.29 per litre and the price of LDO Rs 62.86 per litre. Resorting to prices revision of petroleum products on fortnightly basis the government on Tuesday announced that there will be no change in the prices of petroleum products and it will remain the same for the remaining days of September.