LAHORE-Inspector General of Police (IGP), Punjab, Inam Ghani said on Wednesday that high professionalism, modern policing and hard work should be the motto of young police officers to protect the lives and property of people besides maintaining rule of law. 

Addressing a delegation of ASPs on a visit to the Central Police Office here, the IGP advised the young police officers to use all their mental, intellectual and professional abilities for the protection and care of citizens. 

He further said that at the beginning of their career, they should take up postings in challenging and remote areas so that they can get acquainted with the policing method in all situations and attain the highest level of professionalism and easily overcome future difficulties and ups and downs.  

He further said that police service was a sacred profession, in which, both the world and the hereafter could be improved by serving the oppressed citizens.

He further said that taking performance from subordinates beyond their capabilities was the hallmark of a successful supervisory officer for which, with force, gentle speech, politeness, good manners and effective supervision were fundamental.