Prime Minister Imran Khan, together with his aides, visited Karachi to announce an enormous package for resolution of the city’s problems. It seemed decent to collect all stakeholders of Karachi on one page. While sitting between CM Murad Ali Shah and Governor Imran Ismail, the PM announced an ambitious Rs11.13 million package for the development of Karachi. 

In which Rs92bn has been allocated for water system projects, Rs141bn for sewage treatment, Rs267bn for solid waste and drains clearance, Rs41bn for roads and Rs572bn for mass transit, rail and road transport. It is the largest amount ever announced for Karachi. For correct utilization of this amount, a committee has also been established by the name of Provincial Coordination and Implementation Committee (PCIO) under the heading of CM Sindh. 

Now, there’s a need for sincerity to work for Karachi’s people who have lived their life under threat whenever any natural disaster came.