KARACHI - Sindh Healthcare Commission – SHCC’s Directorate of Anti-quackery sealed 3,547 clinics run by quacks and warned 1955 Healthcare Establishments (HCEs) till date. The SHCC under supervision of its Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Farhana Memon has initiated action plan across Sindh for registration of HCEs, said a statement on Wednesday. Multiple training sessions for general practitioners, HCEs and Hakeems are being conducted along with inspections of unregistered HCEs, and field visits by anti-quackery and inspection teams of the SHCC.

The field teams have so far fined 13 unregistered HCEs and the process will continue as a routine activity.

CEO SHCC Dr. Farhana also witnessed the training session held in Hyderabad, that was attended by 30 participants from hospital clinics and Hakeems of Hyderabad division.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Farhana emphasized the HCPs’ to apply for provisional licenses and maintain quality services.

The Directorates of Licensing & Accreditation, Complaints and Anti-quackery briefed the participants about their operations.

The CEO SHCC also met with the Director General Health Sindh and welcomed the support of Health department and called for registration of all government healthcare facilities.