LAHORE- President SCBA Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has expressed willingness to withdraw his resignation he had verbally announced on April 8 recording his protest over the beating of former Federal Minister Dr Sher Afgan in city which Aitzaz had tried his level best to stop. Media Coordinator SCBA Muhammad Azhar Siddique said on Thursday Mr Aitzaz received telephone call from the president Rahim Yar Khan that including him, six members of the bar were on continuous hunger strike against the resignation of Barrister Aitzaz as SCBA president and they had vowed to go ahead with the hunger even at the cost of their life if he would not review and call back his decision. At it, Barrister Aitzaz honoured sentiments of the RY Bar members and on their insistence expressed his willingness to review his decision and take back the resignation. Mr Siddique said Barrister Aitzaz also persuaded them to end hunger strike. It may be recalled that including office bearers of SCBA throughout the country, as many as 70 bars countrywide have announced to also quit in case Mr Aitzaz did not withdraw his decision to resign which he has as yet not formally put before the Executive Committee of the Bar. The SCBA have also announced not to accept the resignation even if that is moved by Aitzaz and believes that what happened to Dr Afgan was in fact a conspiracy to die down the movement of the lawyers and to sidetrack them from their objective of restoration of judiciary.