ISLAMABAD - Quite a number of contractual lecturers and teachers of Model Colleges have been deprived of their salaries because of the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), which renewed the contracts without the approval of Ministry of Education. Sources have disclosed that the Federal Directorate of Education had extended the contracts without the permission of the Ministry of Education, which has hindered the process and caused delay in disbursement of the salaries. About 34 teachers and lecturers for the last three months and nearly 100 for six months have been waiting for their salaries.   Usually teachers are appointed on contract bases for three years and after every one year the contract is renewed but the Directorate renewed the contract itself and also extended the contract of those who had completed their three years as well, which is the job of Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) to further extend a contract after three years. The teachers informed that when they went to the office of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues (AGPR) to get their salaries they objected that the contract letter had only the signature of Director of the Model Colleges at FDE but there was no signature on the letter from the Ministry of Education. A teacher from Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG), F-6/2, requesting anonymity, said, "Its very difficult situation for those male teachers whose families are dependent on them. Salaries of contractual teachers are already very low and to meet both ends with only Rs 6,000 is just impossible nowadays when the prices of the commodities have been increasing day by day."    However, Prof. Samina Nadeem, Director, Model Colleges, when contacted by TheNation, gave assurance that the teachers wont be removed and things are happening gradually. Out of them, six contracts have been renewed and others are in the pipeline. After three years, the FPSC can extend the contracts and the cases have been forwarded to them for renewal, she informed.