This is in response to Mowahid Hussain Syed's article, "Hate, Fear and Hope" in The Nation on April 7, 2008. One can argue against certain well known premises which were initiated publicly and drawn by the Zionist/Western international financiers/media managers to such dizzying heights for today's make-believe world, that modem world/enlightened and  moderate, and misguided members of humanity at large is completely duped. Thus perpetuating "Hate, fear and no hope" on the down trodden wretched children's of the lesser gods of this world. Zionist/Western policy-makers can strive to destroy/dominate to the last Sinew at their command but I am certain that the Almighty Allah who miraculously pronounced by creating "Pakistan" on the 27th of Ramadan/ 15th of August 1947" that the tide has turned for good and in perpetuity for prosperity till the day of judgment. Inshallah.-MIAN AZIZ-UI-HAQ QURESHI, Chief Coordinator, Nazaria-i-Pakistan Foundation, Lahore, April 17.