KARACHI - The former ruling king's party, PML-Q, is passing through worst crisis as cracks are appearing among its ranks day by day and its leaders are either establishing forward blocs within the party or joining hands with its rivals PML-N or the PPP, the political analysts, columnists and observers said on Thursday. They were of the opinion that party was part of the ruling junta and when it suffered a crushing defeat in the Feb 18 general elections, its members start jettisoning the drowning PML-Q ship immediately, either through forming forward blocs or leaving the party for their political survival.   A perception has emerged among the political analysts after formation of the forward blocs of the PML-Q leaders three days back while several others including MNAs and MPAs in all the four provinces have already left the party and joined either of the two main parties. When contacted, Editor BBC in Pakistan, Aamir Ahmed Khan, told The Nation that whenever a political party loses legitimacy, the process of its disintegration starts and the same is happening with the PML-Q. He observed that it has been a tradition in Pakistani politics that a part of Muslim League always is created for establishing a government in the name of democracy and when that regime loses power, the same very PML faction, which had entered the corridors of power, starts disintegrating and eventually the party divides into numerous factions. Forward blocs appear within the party and cracks occur in its ranks and the PML-Q is experiencing the same fate these days. He said "now a days whatever PML-Q facing is a natural process which always happened to such parties which lose their political legitimacy among the masses and eventually such a group of opportunists disappears from political scenario".    Aamir Ahmed Khan was of view that a lot of efforts had been done to do the same with the largest party in the country, PPP, by creating factions and groups within its ranks but all such conspiracies of the establishment failed because the tragic incident of hanging of former Prime Minister Z.A. Bhutto succeeded in keeping the party united despite all odds. He said that that the process of disintegration has started in the former king's party and it would continue with passing day adding that in the current political scenario he did not see any hopeful political future for the PML-Q. Professor Dr. Muthahir Ahmed, renowned expert on international affairs and political analyst, said that in the history of Pakistani politics, the PML has always been used as a tool by opportunists and power hungry politicians. "We remember that PML has had adopted different names such as Convention League, Chattha League, Fida League, Qayyum Khan League, Junejo League and recently the Q league since 1950 till 2000 to serve the motives of the military dictators and the country's all-powerful establishment." He further said that actually PML-Q is heading towards its logical end and that is a reason that we see growing cracks and fissure within its ranks. Dr. Mutahir said that before the Feb 18 elections, nobody was expecting the results we are witnessing now and was thinking the votes would be massively rigged or a split mandate in the parliament. A Bhan Mati type of ruling junta with PML-Q being the major-power-sharing party in the government was expected. But the masses voted for two big parties of the country and gave them a mandate to bring a change in the dictatorial policies of President Musharraf. It is worthy of mention here that the news of differences and fissures within the PML-Q ranks appear daily in the media daily by which one can easily understand the growing weakness of the party. It was observed when a number of MPAs in Balochistan Assembly joined the PPP. PML-Q leader and former minister Neelofar Bukhtiar has also formed a forward bloc in the Senate while in Punjab, a number of party leaders and MPAs have contacted the leaderships of PML-N and the PPP and some of them have already joined former. A day before yesterday, at least 15 MNAs belonging to PML-Q formed a forward bloc within the party and criticised the leadership of its president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.