ISLAMABAD - The joint parliamentary meeting of Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid) and Mutahidda Qaumi Movement caught in a brawl here on Thursday when some disgruntled members of the former ruling party started assailing party leadership and its policies. According to sources privy to the meeting, PML-Q parliamentarian Kashmala Tariq accused the party leadership of neglecting other members while making important decisions. In the joint parliamentary meeting that was chaired by Parliamentary Leader of PML-Q in Lower House Faisal Saleh Hayat, Kashmala stood to challenge the position of Faisal, saying that he had been made the Parliamentary Leader of PML-Q without taking other members into confidence. "Kashmala burst into anger when a senior most parliamentarian in response to her objection said that they were also not taken into confidence when she (Kashmala) was nominated for the reserved seat by Chaudhry brothers," the sources revealed, adding that majority of the participants who were backing Faisal asked her to be quiet but to no avail. Dejected Kashmala quitted the meeting and walked out of room with Rana Asif Tausif, Israrullah Tareen, Riaz Fatyana, Nasurullah Bijarani, Ehsanullah, Liaqat Bhatti and Noman Langryal. Riaz Fatyana and Kashmala who had been claiming for the last two days that they were enjoying the support of more than thirty other members faced huge embarrassment when on the query of journalists, they failed to prove the claimed number as they were only eight. Talking to media in the lobby of the Parliament, Kashmala said that she had reservations over Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat's designation as the parliamentary party leader. She was of the view that the role of the opposition parties should be aggressive but her party did not qualify the parameters. "There are only four people making the decisions while rest of all have even been deprived of the right to express their point of views," she added. She demanded that Makhdoom Faisal Saleh Hayat and Mushahid Hussain Sayed be removed from parliamentary party leader and PML secretary general chairs respectively. When a PML-Q legislator was asked about the issue, he on the condition of anonymity replied, "The members of so-called forward bloc are just worried as they have not been inducted in the standing committees but it is not our fault. Kashmala wanted to be the member of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and on her failure to get the slot, she has lost her temper." He said all the allegations levelled by Kashmala and her company were weightless and refuted the impression that the like-minded group had the backing of more than thirty legislators. Another PML-Q leader while calling the members of like-minded group 'fair weather friends' said that some of them were requesting PML-N to accommodate them but their efforts had ended in fiasco. A PML-N leader when asked, requesting not to be named replied that some of the members of PML-Q forward bloc had asked N-League to accommodate them but the party leadership had flatly refused them. He noted that treasury benches were powerful enough to turn such requests down without any consideration.