You will be surprised to know that at this time of high inflation when it is becoming more and more difficult for the salaried class to make both ends meet, there are some old pensioners who are getting, shameful to say, a meagre sum of Rs 1000 towards their monthly pension. It is certainly commendable that the new Prime Minister, immediately after taking reins, has benevolently given relief to the labour-class by fixing the minimum limit of their wages at Rs 6000. Will he also deign to provide a similar relief to the poor old pensioners by fixing the minimum limit of pension at Rs 3000? This amount will just suffice to enable them to meet their barest needs of life at this time of crushing inflation. Allah will surely bless the PM and his government for this great act of benevolence. -PROF JUNAID IQBAL QURESHI, Chitti Sheikhan, Sialkot, via e-mail, April 14.