KARACHI - Pakistan Fisher folk Forum (PFF) on Thursday announced the schedule of protest agitation against the Defense Housing Authorities (DHA) for not allowing the local fishermen to fishing in Gizri area since the Authority was formed. DHA authorities making for a clash with the fishermen said the officials in a press conference. Saeed Baloch Secretary of PFF was addressing a press conference here at Karachi Press Club along with Akhtar Sheikh Deputy Secretary, Sami Memon Media Coordinator, Akhtar Sheikh Information Secretary, Majeed Motani President of Karachi Committee, Hussain Dorahi President of Girzri Unit and others. Saeed said that the DHA authorities have not been allowing them to fishing in the Gizri area, thus the boats of the poor fishermen are getting out of order. However, he announced a protest commence from April-22 in which they will stage agitation, protests, and hungry strikes. The protest will be held out side the Karachi Press Club at first place. He also alleged that their several boats have been broken and set on fire by DHA security personnel. The local fishermen of Gizri were banned by DHA administration for fishing in Defense area, the area of Gizri come under the premises of DHA authority. Gizri area had been the main spot of the fishing for many years, but in the mid of 70s the area was converted into the modern housing area, and with the passage of time it became the main residential area of elite class which prompted the fishermen to leave the area of Gizri. He also informed alleged that the current DHA authorities have admitted that they have been forced by the residence of DHA to not to allow the fishermen to fishing due to the smell. He claimed that DHA officials have violated their commitment what they made in the negotiations with the PFF representatives in 2005.