LAHORE - Inter-provincial committee of the bar councils of Pakistan and AJK Thursday unanimously called for the restoration of all judges deposed on November 3 without curtailing term of the office of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary or dropping out anyone of them. Vice chairmen and chairmen of the executive committee of the bar councils held a meeting at the Punjab Bar Council following which vice chairman PbBC Muhammad Aslam Sindhu addressed a press conference to convey decision of the meeting to the media. Sindhu told the press that ruling parties through Murree Declaration had pledged to restore the judiciary to November 2 position without showing any reservations about any judge. The legal fraternity and the public, he said, now firmly believed that the declaration would be respected and implemented in letter and spirit without entertaining the option of minus-one or curtailing the chief justice tenure or appointing anyone else in stead of Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary as Chief Justice of Pakistan. Sindhu said Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousaf Raza Gillani took a very positive step of releasing all detained judges immediately after getting elected in the house and the community wanted the government to go on with the same spirit to make its commitment good. He said the government took 30 days to do the needful on which the lawyers also agreed but given the situation of problems gripping the people and conspiracies being hatched by the presidency, he said, sooner the judges are restored the better it would be for the country and the people in addition to ending uncertainty growing on the issue. Sindhu took serious exception to the continuation of Pervez Musharraf as president of the country and said, under his patronage the Aiwan-e-Sadar had become a hub of conspiracies against the democratic government and restoration of the judges. In his view Dr Sher Afgan's incident in Lahore and killing of 16 people, majority of which was burnt alive in Karachi on April 9, were prompted from such conspiracies. He said Dr Afgan's episode was worked out targeting a large-scale killing through lawyers and public clash but that plan failed due to wisdom and timely action by the lawyers' leaders. Similarly, he said, April 9 killing in Karachi came through MQM on the instructions of presidency. He demanded for holding a judiciary inquiry into the Karachi incident and declaring the MQM a terrorist organisation slapping ban on its activity. He also called for holding probe into Benazir Bhutto assassination through the United Nation and severing diplomatic ties with the countries which published blasphemous cartoons and putting ban on imports from such countries. The meeting, he said, had also expressed concern over the appointment of judicial officers in AJK. Sindhu said the meeting had reiterated the demand to Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan to take his decision back to resign as president SCBA adding, if he resigned, it would leave a big vacuum in the lawyers' movement nearing its success.