ISLAMABAD - Speakers at a seminar titled 'Do countries sell their own people?' held here Thursday urged the government to immediately release all the illegally detained people. The seminar held here at a local hotel was jointly organised by Defence of Human Rights (DHR), Students Alliance and Pakistan Professionals Forum. Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Imran Khan, Ghazala Minallah, Amna Janjua, Gen. (Retd) Hameed Gul and Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin addressed the seminar. All the participants condemned the previous dictatorial regime for detaining its own people illegally and handing them over to America. They demanded the present government of immediate release of all the missing people. Gen. Hameed Gul said army fought only 36 days for the nation and ruled the country for 36 years. He demanded court marshal of President Pervez Musharraf for harms and shame he had earned for the country's most respectful institution. After which, he maintained, he be tried under Article 6 of the Constitution for abrogating the 1973 constitution. He said preservation of human rights was linked with the presence of a free, fair and quick judicial system in a country. He said a state served it subjects like a mother, which can survive only if it provided fundamental human rights to them. He condemned handing over Ramzi Yousuf and Amal Kasi to America as Pakistan had sign no extradition treaty with any country of the world. Imran Khan said the nation went through unprecedented sufferings after the 9/11 mishaps. He blamed Musharraf-led dictatorial regime, which, as he stated, handed over countless compatriots to America for only $ 5,000 per head. He said 90,000 troops of Pakistan Army was operating along the western border for $ 70 million per month only. He said the nation's reaction after the Twin Towers incident was none but to ensure individual survival, which, he said, encouraged the dictators and their foreign supporters to repress the nation the way they wished. He urged the nation to join hands with the lawyers in their struggle for judicial freedom and rule of law, which was the only way of preventing such future unlawful adventures. Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin confessed the dishonourable role played by superior judiciary in past. He said, "Had the judiciary performed its due role, the nation would certainly have not witnessed that mass-scale human rights violation that we see today." He said Musharraf regime was on its way out and the time had come to even the score with the killers and sellers of thousands of Pakistanis for the fulfilment of foreign agenda. Amna Masood Janjua, Chairperson of DHR, an organisation she founded for the cause of missing people after her own husband, Masood Janjua, went missing three years back, presented a documentary report about the missing people. She in her speech depicted a word picture of the pains and distress through which families of the illegally detained persons were passing. She said Saood Memon, a prominent businessperson of 40, weighed only 16 kilograms when he was produced before the Supreme Court following orders of the deposed Chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. She said Saood Memon, a prominent businessperson of 40, weighed only 16 kilograms when he was produced before the Supreme Court following orders of the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. She demanded of the government not to release the missing, including her husband, but bring them before courts of law. She said, so far, they could not learn where their beloved ones had been kept and what the crimes had they committed. Qazi Hussain Ahmad said had to go through a long course of struggle for getting rid of the non-representative elite classes, who, as he blamed, had sole the very sovereignty of the country. He condemned government for handing over fellow citizens to foreign countries and questioned whether Pakistan was surviving over the dollars earned by selling our sons to America. The participant of the seminar passed two unanimous resolutions demanding early release of the detained and bringing military operations in various parts of the country to an end.