PESHAWAR - Though intensity of encounter between gun-toting activists of the controversial religious group and Kokikhel tribesmen is on the decline yet tension continued in different parts of Jamrud Khyber Agency and Hayatabad areas of Peshawar on Thursday. The encounter between the tribesmen and activists of Lashkar Islam headed by Mangal Bagh started late on Wednesday evening and continued till Thursday noon. There are conflicting reports regarding casualties in the encounter. The officials believe that five persons were killed and 11 others injured. But the tribesmen think that the number of killed persons is ranging between 15 and 20. However, intensity of the encounter declined after Thursday afternoon. It was learnt that gun-toting activists of Lashkar Islam were returning to their previous positions in Bara, while the officials have deployed more contingents of the security forces in the area. Before returning of Lashkar Islam activists to mountainous regions of Shah Kas, Mangal Bagh Thursday morning through his illegally installed FM Radio channel threatened personnel of traditional Khasadar Forces to disassociate themselves from their duties otherwise they would face stern action. In response not only the personnel of Khasadar Forces have vacated the check posts and pickets but also hundreds of personnel and officials have vacated Tehsil Building at the main Bara town. The high-ranking administrative officers like Assistant Political Agents and Tehsildars have already vacated their offices. The tribesmen at Bara believe that such act on the part of the authorities would enable Mangal and his gun-toting loyalists to achieve the occupation of the official complexes. At the moment there is no writ of the Government all over Bara region of Khyber Agency. As a result of continuous tension and clashes in Shah Kass area of Jamrud, industrial, trade and business activities have come to a halt in Hayatabad region of Peshawar. According to Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Haji Asef, around 80 industrial units are totally closed whereas in the remaining attendance of labourers and technicians was registered from 25 to 30 per cent. Some of the militants have taken possession of a matches factory owned by a former provincial minister. From 70 to 80 per cent dwellers of Hayatabad Phase 6 have vacated their homes and shifted to other safe places. Similar is the situation in under construction Phase 7.  All roads connecting Peshawar with Jamrud and Bara through Shah Kas area have been closed for traffic. The main Pak-Afghan highway is still closed for every type of traffic. NNI adds: At least 23 Khasadars have been kidnapped from three check-posts of the Khyber Agency. One person was killed and 10 others injured in exchange of firing between the tribesmen and the security forces in Jamrud. After start of the clashes the people of the area also started shifting from their houses to the safer places. In Jamrud, firing among the security forces, activists of religious organisation Lashkar-i-Islam and Kokikhel tribe continues with short intervals. So far, a person has been killed and several injured in the clashes since Wednesday. Check-posts have been established at important points and the gunship helicopters are monitoring the movement of the militants. Similarly, important highways, including Pak-Afghan Highway, have been closed for every kind of traffic in connection with the operation.