Though Benazir died under very tragic circumstances and all Pakistanis were shocked by her murder, we fail to comprehend why her post-mortem, a judicial requirement, was not done. It was also witnessed that the investigation carried out was also nothing but lip service. The investigators were denied possible traces of evidence from the scene of the murder. Now the PPP government has passed a resolution to invite UN to investigate Benazir's murder. I think it is not a sensible step as it will allow the UN team to come in contact with all our agencies and personnel of police/FIA etc. In other words, we are conveying to UN, that our own house is not in order. In my opinion, it would be feasible if we investigate Benazir's murder again and this time assign the task to Dr. Shoaib Suddel. He is an expert in criminology and a trusted lieutenant of PPP which has recently posted him as Inspector General Sindh. -LT. COL (Retd) SABAH-UDDIN AHMED, April 17.