Seven prisoners involved in heinous crimes have succeeded to break out from Sadar police station, Chichawatni here on Monday while 7 policemen have arrested in this regard. According to police, the 7 criminals including Arshad, Shahbaz, Akram, Imtiaz, Yusuf, Nawaz and Mithoo involved in murder, abduction for ransom and other heinous crime cut the jail bars and fled. Sources further reported that the relatives of the detainees gave meal to the detainees and the on duty jailer also ate the meal and felt faint. On this juncture the detainees fled from the jail by cutting the bars. The police have cordoned off the area and started search operation to arrest the fleeing criminals. It is relevant to mention here that on directives of District police officer Sahiwal Rana Ayyaz Saleem, the seven police men including SHO Chaudhry Allah Ditta, Ramzan and Murtaza have been arrested and booked for the negligence.