By passing a law to ban face veil in France, the French parliament has severely damaged the French nation's pride by this discriminatory law as even a common Frenchman takes delight in the belief that his country is the one that is built on laws. On the very first day when the law became effective against veil in France, as many as 60 women were arrested and many others had to pay the penalty of 215US dollars each for covering up their faces with veils. The said law which has been made by the French parliament is a recipe of sheer harassment to the Muslim women of France. The French government has legalised discrimination and prejudice against the Muslim women by making such a law. It is dumbfounding that if a woman in France and other Western countries walks naked in the crowd, she won't be rebuked as it falls in the purview of liberty but when a Muslim woman covers her face with veil in public, itis an incursion upon the human rights. There are merely 2000 women who cover up their faces with veils whereas the total population of France is about 64 million. No doubt it is out of sheer frustration that such a law has been enacted. It is pertinent to mention here that all these 2000 women are the ones who have embraced Islam. They are converts from Christianity to Islam. It is Islamophobia that has compelled the French lawmakers to come up with such a legislation. It is a forgone conclusion that this law will prove counterproductive because history is replete with the examples that the more the rise of Islam has been checked, the more has it spread. This law will prove a blessing in disguise for the Muslims because the French are very inquisitive people. This law will excite their curiosity to know as to why their government has promulgated such a law and when they will read the precepts of Islam meticulously, they wouldcome to know the benefits of veil and other golden injunctions of Islam. It will bring them closer to Islam. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, April 16.