In mystudent days (1950s), the common utility items were very cheap and for a middle class person or even for a poor man, living was not so difficult as it is today. The gold was Rs 60 per tola, silver was Rs one per tola and cloth was also quite cheap; so even a poor man could get his daughter married without much pinch. A soldier's pay used to be Rs 35 pm and a clerk would also get about the same. No vegetable was more than Rs 0.25 per seer. Atta was soldat 6 seers for Rs 1, mutton Rs 1.50 per seer and beef for about Rs 1 per seer. A person drawing Rs 500 pm was considered a rich guy and would say "Money is no problem. Coming to present era, money has become a problem not only for a poor man but even for an upper middle class family. An honest person, whether a salaried person or a business manhaving a small family cannotmake both ends meet when he caters for education, health and clothing of his children.Ever increasing inflation rate, skyrocketing pricesof foodand other items with no relief in sight is really hitting hardthe common man. So nowadays "Money is a great problem" for middle and poor class of the society. On the other hand, the same common man sees his rulers living a lavish life; parties, travelling abroad and within the country at willin personal jets, wearing designers suites and living absolutely free at government's expense i.e free transport, free telephone, free food and free furnished houses etc. So the common man feels "Money is No Problem" to them. This gap between the ruling/rich class and the poor is increasing at a very fast rate which should set alarm bells ringing in the concerned government quarters. It is so because the ruling class and the other well connected industrialists/ landlords do not pay the due taxes tobe spent on the welfare of the common man. Tax which is collected is used for the luxuries of the ruling elite.The other reason is massive corruption in every department. You name any department and there you find a big scandal where billions of rupees have been either misappropriated or pocketed. Lower level officials get apprehended andpunished. But at higher level, they are either suspended (and after some time re-instated quietly with arrears for suspended period paid in full) or posted out to a better appointment. Our present Punjab governor is a classic example of such manoeuvring at the highest level. I wonder if he has still paid the price ofthe DHA Lahore house where he livesto the lady, the actual owner, who came on the TV in Luqman Show and narrated harrowing tales about her house initially rented out to Mr Latif Khosa. The government keeps harping on the song of weak economybut their style of living does not indicate that we have weak economy. The recent shopping case of our first lady in London's biggest super store,bringing about 50 bags fullrevealed by the media from the tax refund bills at the airport is one example. There must be hundreds of other such cases where our rulers or their families incurred expenses out of government kitty that have notcome to the lime light. Mr Ansar Abbasi, the investigative reporter must tell the public what the rulers are doing that our economy has gone so weak as apparently "Money isno Problem" for them. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, April 16.