US drone attack at Angoor Ada in South Waziristan has shunned all the claims that USA has abandoned its covert operations in Pakistan. ISI chief Lieutenant General Ahmed Shuja Pasha visited America in a bid to voice Pakistans concerns with US officials on the war against terrorism but to no avail. He held meetings with CIA director Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen. The US government, after the meetings, immediately responded with the resolve that CIA would continue with its operations and finally two US drones hit the target in South Waziristan. Army chief and ISI chief have repeatedly denounced US drone attacks inside Pakistan. ISI has contained and foiled US - Indian covert plots on the soil. Pakistan intelligence agency, against its own state, cannot work with CIA amid destabilizing Pakistan and blessing Indian designs. Now the question arises whether America has shown its muscles or the drone attack is the result of some understanding between the two countries. Drone attacks are sending a wrong signal and have raised doubts about Pakistans defence capability. American media claims that Pakistani government officials publicly denounce the drone strikes as a violation of the countrys sovereignty but quietly support the attacks. Americans also claim that drones fly from the Pakistans territory and operations are conducted with the collaboration of Pakistani forces. The government, owing to its secret deal, has given Americans license to kill. CIA drones are only halted for some days, as a part of strategy, to calm the angry masses. Drone operations had stopped following arrest of Raymond Davis but later CIA continued with its operation. Similarly drone attacks, after the strong protest of General Kayani, over the killings of peaceful people at Data Khel were stopped. Now again drone operations have started. Army is not the decision making body but a subordinate body of the government that has to take the decision to halt drone attacks. USA has established a state within the state and the nation is facing now or never dilemma. Long term policy must be chalked out to say NO to America and hammer out US conspiracies against Pakistan. It must be remembered that Pakistan is neither Libya nor Egypt. PEERZADAH ABDUL HAFEEZ, Multan, April 14.