The government of KPK has computerized all the vehicle registrations in the region of KPK. Under new law no one is allowed to drive their car with the old registration numbers anymore. This whole task was completed at very high cost and took a very long time and it was done so we can stop the use of illegal vehicles or non-custom duty paid vehicles on our roads. But even now I see at least eight to ten vehicles almost everyday that carry fake registration numbers. These cars would all be 2005 plus models but they will carry registrations numbers from Old Karachi system, or even old style Peshawar registration numbers or some other fake area. The most prominent ones are the fake registrations used by the "Blackwater" foreign workers. They generally have a registration number of IDL and then random 4 digits (That keep on changing). Can the local Custom enforcing agents and Traffic Police please regularly check for fake registration in Peshawar and help reduce the traffic on these congested roads by removing the fake registered vehicles. SHAHRYAR KHAN BASEER. Peshawar, April 15.