While we in Pakistan are sitting smugly over our predominance in the number of atom bombs and missile technology India is surreptitiously building scores of dams on the three eastern rivers of our share as per Indus Basin Treaty. It appears each dam built on the eastern rivers would equate to an atom bomb in inflicting damage upon Pakistan as reduced irrigation water and short circuiting our capacity to build any mega hydro electric dams in future. It is clear as it is reported that India has accumulated international carbon credits in its favour in respect of hydel power dams that would work to our disadvantage in harnessing energy from our future dam sites premier being of Kalabagh dam. The abysmal failure of our successive governments in addressing the problem of water and power shortage is leading Pakistan to the brink of disaster. In a recent talk-show on Waqt T.V. an expert Eng. Suleiman Nagib had said that one MAF of water is equal to two billion US $. One could imagine the loss of Pakistan in the face of Indian designs to build over a hundred dams on our rivers ostensibly to generate power that would inflict a tremendous damage on Pakistan like atom bombs in economic terms. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, April 16.