LAHORE - Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran has announced to allocate one seat in each department of the varsity for the students of Blochistan.

 He said the Punjab University would bear all their expenses. He was addressing a seminar on “Balochistan - Problems and Solutions” organised by Punjab University and Academic Staff Association on Tuesday.

On the occasion, Dr Mujahid said that the seminar helped remove misperceptions and we collectively should solve the issues of Balochistan. He said that lack of education was the cause of all problems of Pakistan. He said the Punjab University would launch a campaign for promotion of education in Pakistan. He said that Baloch students studying at PU’s College of Art and Design had the best creative skills. He urged all the segments of life to be united for allocation of four percent of GDP towards education.

Senator Mir Hasil Bazenjo said since 60 years, the people of Punjab were being wrongly propagated about Balochis that they were traitor and the same propaganda was in Balochistan against Punjabis that they were eating the resources of the country. He said that the establishment was causing harm to Pakistan but unfortunately that responsibility had wrongly been associated with Punjabis through propaganda. He said that none of the five movements launched for the rights of Baloch people were for the freedom of Balochistan. He said Punjab was the province which faced maximum discriminations in the last 60 years. He said that after the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti, some young Balochs started killing Punjabis which they condemned. He said that Punjabis residing in Quetta were in large number. He urged the Punjabi leadership to take decisions regarding foreign policy in public interest so that we could avoid wars. He stressed the need for cultural unity among provinces for development of Pakistan.

Kaleem Ullah Baloch said that the problems of Balochistan were not created by Balochis and that was the responsibility of the state to organise its machinery. He said that the decisions regarding Balochistan were taken without taking local leadership into confidence.

Syed Mowahid Hussain said that the problem of Balochistan was a problem of national unity and our poor and corrupt leadership had worsened the situations. He said that we should put up counter demands and should demand plebiscite in Kashmir and civil nuclear deal with the USA. He requested the people of Balochistan to remain under the tent of Pakistan else there would be destruction. He said that super rich had established government in the name of democracy.

Prof Dr Mujahid Ali Mansoori said that at least there was a sense of realisation of the matters and we wanted to solve the problems, which was a sign of satisfaction. He said that the people of middle class did not consider Balochis as traitors. He said that Ghaus Bakhsh Bazenjo was a great politician who always practiced politics as ritual. He said that our new generation should be aware of his lifestyle and honesty. He said that the first public representative government in Balochistan was formed in 1973 but unfortunately it was locked by a civilian government after nine months. He said it was a fact that Balochistan was the first province which declared Urdu as official language. He said that Balochistan was in a state of war and we should launch a war against that war. He said that the only weapons that could be used in that war were education and communication. He said that inter-personal communication was an instant solution to Balochistan issues and teachers and students would have to come forward in this regard. He said that unfortunately our intellectuals had also been divided and some of our families had their own journalists and thinkers.