Since we don’t believe in accomplishing anything through good old fashioned hard work our alternate becomes heated and protracted discussions and arguments that come to no end and thus achieve nothing at all. The caretakers have settled in and love the feel of power that our ruling elite enjoyed. The heady experience of being able to play King isn’t something one would just brush aside as trivial. Well, the new Kings of Punjab have given orders of a two day weekend ‘to tackle loadshedding’ according to news reports. Obviously, what the elected government couldn’t handle, the caretakers are surely not expected to make any difference. But I have to be honest for I was secretly hoping that things may improve just a fraction.

But all we have come across is talking everywhere, in our drawing rooms, the markets (even at the butcher shops), on national television, in the Supreme Court, by the political figures in their elaborate election campaigns, religious parties, during conferences called by military men and the list goes on. All this love of talking brings us nowhere as it is not driven by any particular aim. The hollowness of these discussions about national interests and promises of a better future plague the public. The claim of success in tackling terrorism resounds emptily as violence increases and the writ of the state weakens day by day. Isn’t it time that we stopped talking and started ‘performing’ instead, that is the dire requirement of the time?


Rawalpindi, April 10.