LAHORE - Dayal Singh Library is located at Nisbat Road, near Lashmi Chowk. The library was established in 1908 in accordance with the will of Shiri Dayal Singh Ji Majithia. He was born in 1848 and amassed a fortune in his life. Before his death though, he donated all of his wealth to three trusts for spreading education.

The library was originally opened at the residence of Dayal Singh as a reading room and housed his personal collection of one thousand books. In 1928 it was shifted to its current location and became a treasure trove for book lovers. During the partition of 1947 it suffered a great catastrophe. A large number of books and furniture were damaged. As a result of the migration of its trustees, the library was closed down.  After 12 years in 1964, it was revived under the Evacuee Trust Property Board. The library has an annual budget of Rs18 million. It has seven thousand members out of which one thousand are lifetime members. From 150 to 200 people visits the library every day.  Dayal Singh Library houses 176,000 books and 10,000 periodicals.