lahore After finalisation of candidates by the PTI, PML-N, PPP and JI, Lahore is expected to witness dual, triangular and quadrilateral electoral contests in 13 National Assembly constituencies on May 11. According to the political standing of the candidates of the four parties of Lahore, only two strong candidates, PTI Chairman Imran Khan and PML-N contender Sardar Ayaz Sadiq, will contest for NA-122. The PPP and JI have fielded Barrister Amir Hassan and Ameerul Azeem from this constituency and both are the first-timers in electoral arena. The second one-to-one electoral contest, again between the PTI and PML-N, is likely in NA-128 with Haji Karamat Khokhar of PTI and Afzal Khokhar of PML-N in the race. The PPP hasn’t fielded any candidate from NA-128 so far, while the JI pitted Zahoor Wattoo, who is not being considered a strong contender in the constituency falls near the JI headquarters, Mansoora. Another electoral duel is expected in NA-120 between PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif and JI contender Hafiz Salman Butt. Dr Yasmin Rashid of PTI and Zubair Kardar of the PPP are the new faces and both have no direct links in this constituency. Another two-party contest is expected to take place in NA-123 between PML-N candidate Pervaiz Malik and PPP’s Haji Azizur Rehman Chan. The PTI has fielded Atif Chaudhry, while the JI put Ziaud Ansari in the race but they are new faces and have no roots in this constituency. In NA-124, the PML-N candidate Sheikh Rohail Asghar and Bushra Aitzaz of the PPP are likely to be the main contestants, while PTI’s contender Waleed Iqbal and Mian Maqsood Ahmed of the JI are not so threatening for their main rivals. In NA-125, PML-N has fielded once again Khawaja Saad Rafique, PPP pitted again Naveed Chaudhry, JI nominated Waqar Nadeem Warraich while the PTI candidate is Hamid Khan. It is expected that Hamid Khan may challenge Khawaja Saad Rafique, if he succeeds in organizing an aggressive election campaign, besides attracting swing voters. Khawaja Ahmed Hassan of the PML-N, PTI’s Shafqat Mehmmod and JI contender Liaqat Baloch are expected to indulge in a triangular electoral fight in NA-126. The PTI enjoys support pockets in the posh areas of this constituency but it needs aggressive campaigning. The PPP hasn’t fielded any candidate from NA-126.  The electoral contest in NA-127 is expected to be quadrilateral as all new faces banking on their parties with no direct link to the constituency. However, the PML-N may have an edge due to its strong support in the provincial capital. The PTI has fielded Nasrullah Mughal, PML-N pitted Waheed Alam Khan, Khurram Latif Khosa is PPP contender and the JI nominated Ehsanullah Waqas from this constituency. In NA-129, PPP candidate Tariq Shabbir Mayo and PML-N Punjab President Shahbaz Sharif are the main contestants. The JI has fielded Younus Mayo, who threatens the PPP vote bank, as the major clan of NA-129 is Mayo. In NA-130, the rural constituency of Lahore, a triangular electoral fight is expected among PPP’s Samina Khalid Ghurki, independent candidate Ijaz Dayal and PML-N contender Suhail Shaukat Butt. The JI has fielded Manzoor Ahmed Gujjar while the PTI put Talib Sandhu in the race. Another triangular fight is likely in NA-118 among PML-N candidate Malik Riaz, PTI’s Hamid Zaman and PPP’s Faraz Hashmi along with a relatively weaker JI candidate Mian Maqsood Ahmed. An interesting electoral contest is expected in NA-119 between PML-N candidate Hamza Shahbaz Sharif and PTI runner Muhammad Madni with the surprising element of JI contender Chaudhry Shaukat Ali. The PPP has fielded Suhail Malik from this constituency. Muhammad Madni and Suhail Malik are new faces in politcs. In NA-121, a triangular fight is likely among PTI candidate Hammad Azhar, PML-N’s Mehr Ishtiaq and JI contender Farid Paracha. The PPP has fielded Aurangzeb Burki from this constituency. The JI headquarters falls in this constituency and it enjoys some strong vote pockets in here. Hammad Azhar is the only new face in the fight for NA-121. The PTI is banking on youth and swing voters, and can bring surprising results even from Lahore -- the stronghold of the PML-N.