LAHORE - A seminar on the theme of “Elections 2013 - New Political Trends” was held at Government College, Township under the auspices of the Department of Political Science.

College Principal Dr Ijaz Butt presided over the seminar while Dr Asim Allah Baksh, Dr Nadir Bakht, Absar Abdul Ali, Shahid Nazir Ch addressed the seminar. Faculty members and a large number of students attended the seminar. A mock poll was also conducted during the seminar which comprised of 155 voters present in the college auditorium. Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf secured 55% votes, Pakistan Muslim League (N) 33%, PPP 5 %, and Jamaat-e-Islami 4 % miscellaneous 3 %.

Principal GCT, Dr Ijaz Butt at this occasion said that democracy’s dividend had not reached the masses so far.  He said that elections 2013 would be the first elections to be held, not under the umbrella of Army but an independent Election Commission and independent judiciary. He said that those who never voted in the past were enthusiastic to vote in the Election 2013. “This will be manifest in the voting turn over”, he said.

Dr Asim Allah Bakhsh said that there was a close parallel between elections 1970 and the elections 2013 because of the slogan of “change” and the role of youth. He said that the role of media in creating awareness among masses particularly the youth would affect the results of elections 2013. Dr Nadir Bakht stressed that the masses were more conscious about the real value of vote on the eve of elections 2013.