With the increasing population, democracy is getting difficult to manage even in advanced countries. Hundred percent transparency and fairness during elections is not practically achievable especially in developing countries like Pakistan, but we, as a nation, should expect May 2013 election to be the fairest parliamentary election ever in the history of Pakistan.

What points to this is that the Election Commission of Pakistan is strong and autonomous; it is fully capable of holding a fair and smooth election under Justice (r) Fakhruddin G Ibrahim, Chief Election Commissioner and his credibility is beyond any doubt. Second, the judiciary of Pakistan, under Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary, is independent and determined to make sure that elections are fair and transparent. Third, the media is free and vigilant, especially during elections; media will definitely keep an eagle eye on all important constituencies where rigging may be expected. Fourth, civil society in Pakistan is more conscious of its role to bring positive social and political change in the country. Fifth, youth of Pakistan is now awake and concerned about the outcome of this election, because their future is linked with a political stable and economic prosperous Pakistan.

We must have faith in the democratic process. If we show responsibility during elections and give long term national interest priority over our short term personal interests, we will definitely see a much better Pakistan. Let’s keep our hopes alive and expect the May 2013 elections to be the fairest elections in the history of Pakistan.


Islamabad, April 8.