KARACHI (PR) - A representative of Pakistan Steel has referred to a news items published in various newspapers and stated that the land in question was declared by the honourable court in its order dated November 10, 2012 as the property of Pakistan Steel. This has been further confirmed by the concerned Revenue Department and the Deputy Commissioner orally and in writing.

It is necessary to clarify here that the illegal construction carried out by some unauthorized parties were in its alternate Market Centre, and these cannot by any means be called a Mosque or a Madrassah. A few pillars and rooms cannot be designated as such. In this connection the Ulema of Pakistan Steel, Dar-ul-Aloom Karachi and Dar-ul-Aloom Binoria Town have given a “Fatwa” in favour of Pakistan Steel. It is also necessary to state here that the area where this illegal construction has been carried out is at a considerable distance from some ‘Goths’ and there is therefore no justification to have a Mosque or Madrassah in this place.