ISLAMABAD - One of the major witnesses in the Masood Janjua case, Dr. Imran Munir, has claimed that Advocate General Razzaq Mirza and a Superintendent Police Haroon Joya have misled the Supreme Court by submitting false and fabricated statement.
“I’m shocked to read the news that I have refused to give statement in Supreme Court. AEG Razzaq and SP Haroon Joya have misled the court by submitting a false and fabricated statement and failed to disclose the actual material facts”, Munir said this in an exclusive audio interview with The Nation on Thursday.
“They have intentionally omitted para ‘e’ of the minutes of the meeting held at the UNHCR headquarters in Columbo which was submitted in SC on 31 March 2014,” he said.
Dr. Munir, a dentist and a Malaysian national of Pakistani origin, is a key witness in the Masood Janjua case. He had recorded his statement that he saw Masood Janjua in a cell during his detention. Munir was released from the detention of security agencies on the Supreme Court orders.
Munir, is of Pakistani origin, but took asylum in Sri Lanka after he was released from detention.
He said that he has a lot of respect for Supreme Court and it is a historical fact that SC secured his freedom.
Last month, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had directed SP Potohar Town, Rawalpindi, Haroon Joyia, who is investigating the Masood Ahmed Janjua missing case, to record the video statement of Munir. 
SP Joyia went to Sri Lanka about a week back on the direction of the court but was denied access to Munir. He was told by the Sri Lankan authorities that any person staying in the country under asylum cannot be investigated by any other country.
Dr. Munir remained hospitalised at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for three years before taking asylum in Sri Lanka.
Dr Munir said he is fully cognizant of Masood Janjua case, adding he enjoys the status of convention refugee under the 1951 United Nations (UN) Convention Refugee and its 1967 protocol. His life and freedom is fully protected under this convention.