DERA MURAD JAMALI - Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture, Sikandar Hayat Bosan Thursday said the government would increase wheat rate next year, adding that it would purchase all quantity of wheat produced this year.
He was addressing Farmers Convention in Dera Allahyar, the district headquarters of Jaffarabad. He said, “We are aware of difficulties and problems faced by peasants. The government did not increase wheat price due to high price hike,” adding that however, the wheat rate would be increased next year.
He said that new official agricultural policy would be announced in prevailing year and added that incentives would be given to agricultural sector though the policy. He said that PASCO has been directed to purchase all quantity of wheat from farmers in order to save them from financial constraints.
He said that the friend Muslim countries have expressed their interest to purchase meat and poultry from Pakistan, adding that therefore, the government has decided to improve livestock sector to increase our exports.