The first book by one of Pakistan’s youngest writers, Muhammad Osman Ali Chaudhry (b.1995), titled “Wisdom Salad” is now out through Aidos Imprint and has made its way to the major book stores in Lahore.  In “Wisdom Salad” the writer puts together a collection of vignettes, poetry and flash fiction.
The book has already received praise from different quarters. Readers have expressed great enthusiasm and admired the unconventional yet gripping work of Osman. 
An ex-Aitchisonian, and currently an undergrad student at Bard College Berlin, Chaudhry is pursuing his degree in disciplines such as philosophy, literature and the arts.
He tweets at @OsmanAChaudhry and is currently working on an album with his band as well.
A teacher who taught him back at his days at Aitchison said, “It’s a moment of both honor and pride for me to have read this immaculate piece of writing by Osman, I only hope that he continues writing with this very same passion as we are in a dire need of quality writers who realize that they can play a major role in society.”
With Wisdom Salad , a short but sweet and thought-provoking anthology perfect for the modern day ‘I-don’t-really-have-the-time’ situation, Chaudhry is set to make his mark as a promising writer.–PR