HARIPUR: The civil administration has slapped a ban on sand lifting from river banks and landslide prone areas in Haripur.

Land erosion has become a serious threat to embankments that can lead to flash floods and landslides. In view of public safety and acting on the recommendation of the irrigation department, Haripur DC Tasleem Khan on Monday imposed section 144, barring excavation near safety-walls and embankments of water channels, under the bridges and landslide prone areas in the district.

The ban also extends to illegal mining because extraction of phosphate has also become a major business in the region and unauthorised people were jumping into mining sector without any precautionary measures.

It may be recalled that a month ago, despite a ban on mining by KP government, two labourers were illegally loading a trolley when the  mine collapsed on the trolley where both tractor driver Bukhtiar and labourer Afsar lost their lives under the debris of the mine.