KARACHI - Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair, while referring to improved law and order situation in the province, said on Monday that the federal government wanted Rangers to stay in Karachi.

“At this point in time, we simply cannot afford to lose the gains we made in terms of improved law and order situation,” he said, and added, “Hence the federal government is committed to ensuring Rangers’ operation so the business community could feel absolutely safe here.”

Speaking at a meeting during his visit to the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), the governor added, “Major success has been achieved, which simply cannot be wasted. Hence, Rangers will remain here to keep an eye and make sure that we do not return to the same old position.”

Commenting on the success of Karachi Operation, Zubair said it was the most challenging task which had been achieved due to prime minister’s initiative to strictly deal with poor law and order situation.

“He gave a go ahead to Karachi Operation in 2013, which was launched after complete consensus amongst all stakeholders and changes in relevant laws to grant powers to the Rangers,” the governor said, and added, “Whereas commitments were also made by all political parties not to interfere in the operation which has proved very successful.”

“The credit for the success of Karachi Operation goes to all political parties, the provincial government, police and Rangers,” he added.

Zubair, while highlighting Karachi’s significant role in the progress and prosperity of entire Pakistan and the spectacular growth witnessed due to massive contribution made by the private sector, stated that Karachi would compete with all other cities in the country to attract investment to Pakistan.

He offered the business community his office for resolving numerous issues pertaining to taxation and refunds.

The governor reiterated that the growth of entire Pakistan depended on the growth of Karachi and the federal government was fully committed to the development of various sectors, particularly health and education.

Referring to a committee recently formed by the prime minister, he clarified that the committee not just discussed stock market-related issues, but also discussed issues being faced by manufacturing, agriculture and other important sectors of the economy. “The amnesty scheme is also not just limited to stock market but is encompasses all the sectors of economy,” he informed.

Businessmen Group chairman & former president KCCI Siraj Kassam Teli said in his speech that the Business Group had been successfully governing Karachi Chamber for the last 20 years, which was earlier ruled by a mafia.

“Businessmen want to do politics and political figures want to do business and nobody wants to do his own work, which has resulted in spoiling the entire fabric of society,” he opined.

Teli further commented that Nawaz Sharif’s government was much better in 1991/92 when bureaucrats fully respected the businessmen and never thought of doing anything illegal. “But nowadays, these bureaucrats are carrying out all types of illegal activities shamelessly not only in Karachi but across Pakistan,” he regretted.

Commenting on Tax Reforms Commission, he said that almost two years ago, TRC had given detailed recommendations on the overall taxation system and FBR’s discretionary powers which were endorsed by all the stakeholders. “But unfortunately none of these recommendations have been taken into consideration,” he said, and added, “The entire Pakistan is shouting against FBR, but Ishaq Dar is not paying any attention to the issues which is a matter of grave concern.”

He was of the view that amnesty schemes usually failed to achieve the desired results mainly due to trust deficit.

“In order to make an amnesty scheme successful, lot more people have to be consulted whereas such a scheme should only be implemented in the first schedule of the Constitution, making it impossible for anyone to amend or reverse it,” he proposed.

Teli urged the governor to bring all these issues and pleas of business and industrial community of Karachi to prime minister’s notice.