KARACHI -  State Bank of Pakistan Governor Ashraf Mahmood Wathra inaugurated the Heritage Meeting Rooms building at SBP Headquarters here on Monday.

Expressing his thoughts, the SBP governor thanked the Sindh Heritage Committee for their valuable support in the restoration of this building and congratulated the SBP staff for completing the renovation work. “Preserving old buildings is a valuable service to the current and future generations of this country and SBP is proud in making its contribution,” he remarked. Sindh Heritage Committee members Arif Hassan, Hameed Haroon and Dr Kaleemullah Lashari were also present on the occasion.

Haroon appreciated the services of the SBP governor in safeguarding the national heritage of the country as this is the second heritage building which has been conserved by the State Bank and readopted for use. He also commented that only few government institutions are making conscious efforts for such purpose. The members of the committee also lauded the efforts of the central bank and the SBP governor in this regard.

The stone masonry building with gable shape steel truss type roofing partially covered with Manglore tiles and partially with Asbestos sheets exists behind the SBP Museum and Art Gallery since pre partition times. The covered area of this barrack shape building is about 6500 Sqft.