Lahore - At least 10 people were injured in Spin Bolduk district of Afghanistan, near Chaman border, as reports of explosions at a military depot emerged late Monday.

People on Pakistani side of the border reported loud back-to-back blasts and high flames across the border around 2am, according to TV channel reports.

The security forces on Pakistan side were put on high alert, and it was unclear what caused the explosions at the Afghan depot – amid fears of a militant attack.

The reported injured were civilians who got hurt by the rockets flying from the under-fire depot and landing at nearby civilian population.

There was immediately no official word about the toll of Afghan soldiers posted at the depot till the filing of this report.

The Afghan Army had blocked access to the burning depot, from where rockets continued flying out in the darkness of the night.

Reportedly, alert was sounded in the Chaman hospital – anticipating a request by the Afghan authorities for provision of medical aid.

Spin Bolduk district is in Qandhar province which is well-known for its history of militancy.

The incidents comes only days after the US dropped a massive bomb on IS positions in Nangarhar province, which also borders Pakistan.

At least 30 militants were killed immediately by the GBU-43/B, dubbed the “Mother Of All Bombs”. The toll surged to 90 within a couple of days. The unprecedented attack triggered global shockwaves, with some condemning the use of Afghanistan as what they called a testing ground for the weapon, and against a militant group that is not considered a threat as big as the resurgent Taliban.

The Chaman border, along with Torkhan crossing, was closed for almost a month following a string of terrorist attacks in Pakistan - which the officials claimed were planed and launched from Afghanistan. The border was opened on March 20, but Chaman crossing was closed again on April 1 after clashes between border personnel and travellers, who lost patience at slow process of biometric verification - introduced to check militants’ cross-border movement.