After failing to suppress the freedom sentiment of the people of Indian held Kashmir by using many lethal weapons like pellets guns, teargas canisters and PAVA shells, India is now sending plastic bullets to be used against protesters in the territory.

However, the pellet guns will continue to be used in the occupied territory.

Indian media quoting official sources said that thousands of plastic bullets were produced and sent to the Kashmir Valley for use by Indian police and troops. The plastic bullets can be fired from INSAS rifles, the sources said.

The Indian forces often face protests and stone pelting youth, especially during stiff resistance from the locals, when they are engaged in gunfight with mujahideen.

So far, Indian forces are using PAVA shells and pellet guns. PAVA (Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide) is a chilli-based ammunition, which immobilises the target for a certain period of time. Other weapons used by Indian police and troops include dye marker grenade with irritant which causes sensory trouble to the target once fired. It leaves a dye mark on the targets for easy identification.

A new entrant to the arsenal of such so-called non-lethal weapons is a grenade packed with scientifically prepared spicy jelly, which on exploding, causes irritation in the eyes. Oloeoresin, a semi-solid extract in a solution, mixed with spicy gel, could be put in the grenade casings to tackle the protesters, sources said.