MANDI BAHAUDDIN/RAHIM YAR KHAN-District police in defiance of the rules are not treating the public on equality basis, as the poor having no political backing, are denied justice by the policemen who side with the wealthy and influential perpetrators, various victims alleged here on Sunday.

Frequent claims made by the government and police high-ups to have changed police culture and reformed the policing system are false.

Two days ago Bushra Parveen was present at her rented flat situated on Old Rasul Road. Her husband Khurram Shahzad was away on work. One Umar Hayat who deals in gold entered the flat and allegedly raped the lady. In the meantime, Khurram arrived and he saw the accused leaving the flat half naked. The lady reported the incident to civil lines police station but no legal action was taken against the accused.

She went to DPO office but he was not present. The lady reported the matter to PSO to the DPO who told her that civil lines police would contact her in an hour. Next day, she went to police Chowki Sufi City where In Charge Chowki told her he was busy and had no time to attend her. Reason behind not registering case is that the accused is wealthy and had political backing, she said.

In another case wife and daughter of grave digger Manzoor were present at their house in Gojra village while Manzoor had gone out on work. In the meantime, some gangsters belonging to influential families entered the house and attempted to rape the women.

The women resisted and made hue and cry listening to which the villagers from neighbouring houses reached. Seeing them, the accused fled away, leaving a pistol behind. The incident was reported to Gojra Police but no case has so far been registered.

On the other side, Rahim Yar Khan police have registered a case against a Pakistan People's Party leader on the charges of making a person hostage for two weeks in Sadiqabad.

Aume Kalsoom, a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal Rahim Yar Khan, alleged in her application filed in Sadiqabad city police station that her husband Ziaul Husnain went for repairing his laptop on March 28, 2017 but did not return home. She started on information that he was in Sadiqabad, she informed police that her husband was hostage at a house in street 2 Jinnah town where Rana Tariq with other seven persons were present with arms on a money dispute.

Police registered a case under section 365-PPC and started investigation. Rana Tariq said that he was targeted by some opponents and he will speak in a press conference today on the allegations.