SAMBRIAL : Federal Minister for Water and Power Khawaja Asif teaches lesson of ethics to others but does not ready to apply it upon himself.

PTI member central executive committee Brig(r) Aslam Gumman, Sialkot district senior vice president Idrees Ahmed and UC chairman Jamshed Cheema stated while talking to media here at Sambrial Press Club the other day.

They said that 16 to 18 hours loadshedding is being conducted in the tehsil which has made residents unable to carry out their routine work. They said that Sialkot city is faced with four hours loadshedding whereas its surroundings are facing 16 to 18 hours power outages which, they said, is discrimination.

They warned the government to block main Sialkot-Islamabad Road as protest if unscheduled of the power outages is not rationalised.