ISLAMABAD - Opposition leader Khursheed Shah Monday urged the government to stop the extremists from killing people in the name of religion.

Speaking in the National Assembly, he demanded a resolution against the killing of a student in Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan to discourage such incident in the future. “The government should move a resolution on it to give a strong message. I expect government side will move (a) resolution tomorrow (Tuesday),” said the opposition leader, while speaking on a point of order.

Shah said that Mashal Khan was killed in the name of religion. “It is unfair for people to set up their own court,” he said.

About the prime minister’s statement on this matter, Shah said that Sharif should have come to the house to speak on the matter.

The opposition leader also strongly came down hard on the government for not maintaining quorum in the National Assembly. “It seems the government is not interested in running the parliament. It needs to understand the importance of the parliament,” he said.

Shah said that the PML-N government in four years had failed to maintain quorum 120 times.

He lauded the Senate Chairman, Raza Rabbani’s, step to ensure presence of ministers in the Upper House of the parliament.

“The quorum was pointed out 200 times due to lack of strength,” Shah said, mentioning that the quorum in PPP’s government was pointed out just six times and only once the required strength was not in the house. “This house has become a joke and voters are losing confidence due to non-serious attitude of the government in the parliament,” he said.

About the disappearance of the PPP’s members, Shah said that the government should give proper response for not presenting their missing members before the court. “What was the use of passing constitutional amendment last month, as it is clearly mentioned to present the accused before a magistrate,” he said.

This is not the way to pass the constitutional amendment and ignore its implementation, said the opposition leader. He also criticised government over load-shedding issue in the country.

“Where are claims to control the power outages issue in six months,” Shah said that the shortfall had even further increased.

PTI’s Shireen Mazari, on a point of order, proposed government to make some amendment in blasphemy law to avoid its abuse. “The government needs to take step for amendment to avoid lynching of innocent people,” she said, supporting the idea of opposition leader to pass the resolution on this context. “Government should bring a resolution in the house, as otherwise opposition will bring its own,” Mazari said.

Ghulam Ahmed Bilour from the ANP, on a point of order, expressed dissatisfaction over the statements of Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar on the issue of blocking of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) of Pashtuns.

The government side also once again faced embarrassment in the proceedings due to lack of quorum, which lead to adjournment of the house. Though the house with the onset of proceedings witnessed thin presence but the PPP after question hour pointed out quorum ostensibly to disrupt the proceedings.

The PPP has been pointing out quorum for the last three days after the question hour. The opposition party, before staging a walkout, has only been demanding from the government to present their disappeared members before the court.

In Monday’s session, the chair (deputy speaker) in order to complete the required strength of 86 lawmakers suspended the house for 20 minutes. Interestingly, the presence of MNAs further reduced as nearly 50 were present when the count was done.

The government side for last three days could not take up any agenda items, as the chair has to adjourn the house due to lack of quorum.