Karachi - Sindh Assembly on Monday passed a censure motion against Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf lawmaker Khurram Sher Zaman for calling the provincial assembly as ‘do number’ in his media talk outside provincial assembly on Friday.

The motion was tabled by Senior Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Nisar Ahmed Khuhro and was adopted unanimously by the House.

Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani asked the PTI lawmaker to either tender apology on his statement or otherwise a censure motion will be brought against him.

Khurram said that the he would tender the apology but first of all the Sindh government should apologize from the House over its failure to deliver to masses and looting public money.

The speaker refused to listen to the PTI member and asked him that he could either tender apology or otherwise a censure motion would be brought against him.

Later, the minister for parliamentary affairs presented the censure motion, which condemned the PTI lawmaker for using derogatory remarks against the provincial assembly and was adopted by the House unanimously.

The assembly’s session on Monday started around 40 minutes late, with Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani in the chair.

After the censure motion, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) lawmakers also staged a token walkout from the assembly in protest against non-issuance of official results of union council elections in Sukkur. The MQM lawmakers expressed the apprehension that attempts were being made to tamper with the initial results according to which their candidate had been declared winner.

Meanwhile after the call attention notices, the House initiated debate on budget execution report 1st and 2nd quarter, 2016-17. Speaking on it, MQM lawmaker Naheed Begum mentioned several provincial government departments to which the amounts had been released by the finance department, but no expenditure was incurred.

“Information department is one of the important government departments, but funds to majority of the ongoing information department schemes were released funds but have been not utilised as yet,” she said, and added that similar condition existed in women development departments where expenditure on schemes were yet to begin. She said that there was no role of the members of the provincial assembly in the budget as neither their schemes were approved nor were they given their due funds for the development of their areas. “The education department is in tatters as it looks that the government lacks the vision for this important sector,” she said, adding that no effort had been made to improve the syllabus and curriculum.

MQM member Sabir Husasain Qaim Khani said it seemed the government wanted to tread the same old path, and if the government did not have the capacity to spend on improving education standards, human development and provision of safe drinking water, then all of these projects are in vain.

“There is no change in the attitude of the rulers for the past nine years and instead sufferings of the people have increased due to their presence,” he argued. Qaimkhani expressed surprise that how could the rulers talk on budget when there was no agriculture policy in the province, and milk was more expensive than petrol, which is imported from abroad. 

“Education is the only way to fight terrorism in the country, but there seems to be no policy in this regard as out of 47 percent funds released for the education department, only 15 percent are spent,” he lamented. He said that the provincial government raised hue and cry over the unjust energy policies of the federal government, but on the other hand the provincial government itself had not spent a single penny on energy.

He further said that the provincial government had turned the province into a pile of garbage and is neither giving powers to the elected representatives of local government nor spending funds from the provincial budget.

Another MQM lawmaker Saleem Bandhani lashed out the provincial government for not giving to the residents of Sukkur due share from the budget despite the fact they had voted for the PPP.

“Opposition leader in National Assembly, MPAs, and a PPP Senator belong to Sukkur, but unfortunately people of the Sukkur have no share in the budget as they had once voted for MQM,” he said.

He said that the assembly had passed resolutions for a university, Sukkur Development Authority and an engineering college in Sukkur, but unfortunately none of them had seen light of the day.

“We are talking about entire budget but the situation in the province is so worse that the government even could not point out a model union council or a school in the province,” he added.

He said that he had the same privilege as that of other lawmakers, but the government had nothing to spend in the constituencies of opposition parties. Another MQM lawmaker Dewan Chand Chawla said that PPP called for empowering minorities, but all of these announcements were in the air and they had not spend a single money in the last six months. “The government spending has no effect on improvement of life of the common man of the province and they even did not carry out development in the district where Benazir Bhutto is buried,” he said.

  Meanwhile, MQM MPA Kamran Akhter in his call attention notice asked the provincial minister for law Zia ul Hassan Lanjhar regarding the fees paid to the legal advisors or advocates hired by the provincial government. Responding to it, the minister informed that they had given Rs 231.2 million to the private lawyers hired to fight provincial government cases from 2013-2017.  He informed that these lawyers include Farooq H Naek, Anwar Mansoor, Agha Faisal,

 Hafeez Pirzada and others.  “The services of these lawyers were hired in order to represent the provincial government in important cases,’ he said adding that the provincial government was also committed to improve the capacity of its own team of prosecutors and lawyers.

Responding to a call attention from Muhammad Qamar Abbas Rizvi regarding lack of basic facilities at a Government Boys Irfan Secondary School Soldier Bazar No 2, the Minister for Health said that they had given amount to WAPDA and K-Electric for ensuring electricity at schools but unfortunately they did not provide it.


Abdullah Zafar