KASUR-Parents of girl students complained about mismanagement in Government Girls High School Shehbaz Khan Road, saying that the officials negligence ruining future of the students.

Talking to media, they said that the school was once a renowned educational institution in the district which is now became worst example of misadministration. They alleged that instead of teaching students, teachers waste most of their time in gossip with each other. They also complained about shortage of teaching staff which is causing severe difficulty for students to finish their syllabus before exams. They regretted irresponsible behaviour of the school management, saying all the girl students were declared successful in Class-VII examination but they reached the school as students of next grade, many of them were informed that they have failed in science subjects. They also complained about irregularities in Khidmat cards programme and termed it a complete failure.

They said that Education Minister Rana Mashhood Khan visited Kasur but did not direct the officials to address the problems the students are faced with.

They demanded Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the education minister and the secretary education to take notice of the situation and order effective steps to address students' problems.