Ziaullah Hamdard, a lecturer at Abdul Wali Khan University, slammed the teachers and administration of the university and held them responsible for lynching of his student Mashal Khan.

During an interview on a private TV channel, Ziaullah said that on April 14, a day after the killing of Mashal, they showed him the fake notification.

“After seeing that notification I was shocked. I thought these people have become so insensible and corrupt that they called my innocent student a blasphemer, just to save the killers,” he retorted.

“After the incident they thought of creating an excuse to justify this killing,” said Hamdard.

The lecturer mentioned that he was the last one who left university as he had been locked in the room of the Vice Chancellor. “There was no notification till that time,” he asserted.

“There should be a thorough investigation of the professors and administration who issued such notice,” he demanded.

“What students did is only one side, these professors who are top minds of the university reached such low level that they accused a student of being a blasphemer after he was martyred,” he added.

While talking about Mashal Khan, Hamdard said that he knew him personally because they used to spend time with each other even after classes.

“He was a humanist and an extremely intelligent student. He was inclined towards Sufism and he was not a blasphemer at all,” he stated.