islamabad-Islamabad police have arrested 180 outlaws during the last 15 days including 45 absconders and recovered looted items from them worth Rs. 17 million, a police spokesman said on Tuesday.

He said that Senior Superintendent of Police Najeeb ur Rehman Bugvi directed all police officials to accelerate efforts against anti-social elements and ensure their arrests. Following his directions, renewed efforts were made and the police achieved remarkable success, and owing to these efforts, 18 dacoity cases were traced and 24 persons were arrested besides the recovery of looted items worth Rs. 4 million from them. Police also arrested 13 auto thieves involved in 26 theft cases and recovered vehicles, bikes worth Rs.12.9 million from them.  Likewise, the police initiated crackdown against those involved in drug pushing activities. The police nabbed 46 drug pushers and recovered 17 kilogram hashish, 4872 gram heroin and 478 wine bottles from them respectively. 

Meanwhile, the police also arrested 45 proclaimed offenders and court absconders. During the same period, the police arrested 45 other accused and recovered 43 pistols and two Kalashnikovs from them. A total of 215 cases were submitted in courts after completing investigation while combing and search operation was conducted to ensure protection of the lives and property of the citizens. A total of 11 suspects were held during these operations while action was taken against 417 vagabonds. A total of 337 beggars were also held during action against professional alm-seekers and legal proceedings were initiated against them. SSP Islamabad Najeeb ur Rehman Bugvi has said that activities of criminal elements would not be tolerated and those involved in such acts would have to face action according to the law.