GABORONE:- A 57-year-old British woman died on Monday after being attacked by an elephant in Botswana, according to police. The woman, who was residing at Maun, a village in northeastern Botswana, was attacked while she was out with her 67-year-old Botswana partner walking dogs. "Prior to the incident, the elephant had invaded our yard, which is situated along a river bank, but we managed to chase it away with our vehicle," police quoted the partner as saying on Monday. Thinking that the elephant had fled, the couple took their dogs out for a walk, but immediately after leaving the yard, the elephant pounced on the woman while her partner ran for his life.–Xinhua

The woman sustained serious injuries and was pronounced dead upon arrival at a local hospital.

Botswana's elephant population is known to be the highest in Africa, hence the establishment of buffer zones around Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) to address human-elephant conflicts, which continues to grow.